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Building a rapport with students

Developing a rapport with students takes time and patience. You aren't just building a working relationship, in my experience, you build a long-lasting friendship. I have felt extremely lucky to know the students I have met over the last few years. My students have all made a huge effort to show me their lives, they tell me about their families, their work, and their troubles. I admire and appreciate all my students for trusting me so much.

Practicing English doesn't have to be all about following a book or a lesson plan. Sometimes, the best practice is just talking. Whatever comes out naturally in a conversation can help a student find new areas to improve. As a teacher, I find learning opportunities and new phrases to teach. I also learn so much about my student and this helps me make better personalized classes.

So, to my students; thank you for being my teachers, for trusting me and for making me a part of your daily life.

Congratulations Olivia and 엄창덕 on the birth of your healthy baby boy!

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