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Name that tree

As you have probably realized at this point, I love nature. Yes, I love the scenic country side of Canada, walking or driving. I realized recently I have no idea what the names of most plants are and that I should probably no more than I do. So, I made a video to quiz you on a few trees you can find in Canada. Check it out:

In this video, you will see white birch, weeping willow, red maple, sumac, and a white oak tree. In Canada, we also have pine trees, elm trees, beech trees, and many more! It might seem strange, but my favorite tree is the willow and maple. I love how willow trees wrap their long boughs around you and the leaves tickle your face when you walk under it. Maple trees are amazing because they can grow to enormous heights, the produce the sweetest sap (maple syrup) and in the autumn the have the such beautiful colours.

What is your favorite tree? Please leave a comment!

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